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The Kentlands Photography Cafe (KPC) will be an art center, dedicated exclusively to photography, with a multi-space dimension. It will consist of a commercial gallery, a cafe/wine bar, a photography bookstore, a space for classes/lectures, and an art consulting business.


The KPC would be a focal point for all this activity. Customers can visit the gallery, sit for a coffee, small meal or glass of wine, buy a gift for themselves or someone else, follow a photography seminar/lecture, get an estimate on an artwork they own, or discuss the options for decorating their house or office.


Photography is one of the more approachable art forms, in the sense that almost everyone has, at some point, taken a picture. Photography seminars, photo books, and even affordable prints attract a wide audience and are accessible to everyone, with a very wide price range and an extreme variety of styles and approaches.


The KPC would provide a space for going out for an exhibition opening or a coffee or drink, starting a new hobby such as photography, purchasing an art book as a gift, decorating a home or office with beautiful artwork or even investing in a high-end photography print.


The gallery is the focal point of the KPC. It will be able to host photography exhibitions of up to 50 artworks (smaller size, 20-25 larger size). The exhibitions will change every 6-8 weeks, and will be of professional photographers, local, national and international. All artwork will be for sale. The gallery will always try to bring the artist(s) for the opening night, as well as for a series of lectures, book signings and/or workshops. There will also be a permanent collection, not on exhibition, which will be available for sale.

Our cafe will consist of 8-10 tables inside plus a bar, and another 4-5 tables outside, and will serve coffee, wine, salads, sandwiches, cold cuts and simple meals. There will be no in-house cooking, the food will be purchased ready from local chefs. The cafe will be a place for guests to gather for a drink or food, work online, browse through a book or exhibit, or listen to an artist's lecture. It will also support the catering needs of all opening nights and events. The wine list will change regularly, will be curated by a local sommelier and will consist of wines that cannot be purchased at local liquor stores. In addition, there will be regular pop-up dinner nights featuring local chefs as well as wine-tasting events. Over the past four years, Iason Demos has created an extensive network of food suppliers, chefs and wine experts with whom he will collaborate.

A bookstore dedicated to photography books, both how-to and coffee table. Photography magazines as well as more affordable photo prints (e.g. posters and unsigned reproductions) will also be for sale. Photographers/authors will be brought in for book signings. All the bookstore items will also be available for purchase on the KPC site.











This will be a space for photography classes and seminars, of anywhere from 5 to 50 people, taught by professionals. Participants will also be able to follow online. Classes will range from popular themes such as “How to photograph food for Instagram” to intensive 3 to 5 day seminars with world-famous artists.



This part of the business will operate out of the office and will be intrinsically attached to the gallery. It will involve one on one consultations with clients who want to buy artwork on a piece by piece basis, decorate entire rooms, homes or offices, sell their collection or get it appraised, or invest in artwork.

Our History

Iason Demos | FOUNDER

Iason Demos has been working in the area of photography representation for over 15 years, first as an agent for photography rights on the Greek market and then as a gallerist. He has curated numerous photography exhibitions and books, including, amongst others, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Josef Koudelka, Constantine Manos, Willy Ronis, George Georgiou, Giorgia Fiorio, Martin Parr, Herbert List, Pentti Sammallahti, John Demos, Paolo Pellegrin, Joachim Ladefoged, William Abranowicz. 

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